READ ME FIRST! General Forum Guidelines


Read it when you're new and refer to it even if you aren't new. Rules and guidelines are subject to frequent changes.

This forum contains important information you need to read and understand prior to posting questions in the IHSGW forums. If you post a question which is already answered here, your post may be locked with a "Read the FAQ" terse response. We spent a lot of time putting together this information, so don't ignore it.
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READ ME FIRST! General Forum Guidelines

Postby ihsgw_admin » Sun Aug 28, 2016 11:25 pm

Welcome to the IHSGW Forums!

This is the place to share your experiences, ask questions, report bugs, request features, and join in general discussions about Indiana High School Girls wrestling.

Before jumping in and posting lots of questions, please understand and follow these guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • Almost every question which can be asked about IHSGW may have already been asked, so the answer is likely already covered in the FAQ on the web site or within these forums.
  • Search using the Search tool on the top of the forums page
  • Many subforums have a more detailed "Read Me First!" thread you need to read. FIRST!
  • When someone has been helpful to you, or provided information to you or someone else which is useful, please use the Thumbs Up Thanks button which is found on each post. It lets the poster know the information was good, without having to write another post.

If you find a recent thread in the forum which contains your problem but doesn't have a solution, go ahead and reply to that topic. "Recent" means a thread whose latest post is less than 6 months old.

If you do not find your question or issue in those places, then go ahead and start a new thread in the appropriate forum:
  • The IHSGW forums are organized by topic and we want you to post your thread in the forum which aligns with the closest IHSGW topic you you would like to discuss or have a question about.
  • Use descriptive and informational subject lines. Do not use, "Help me!" or "What's going on?"

This is a Community Forum

This forum is lightly monitored by IHSGW and is supported by the IHSGW Forums community administrators, moderators, editors and users. When significant issues or bugs arise, these will be made visible to IHSGW directly by members of the IHSGW Forums community.

Read and abide the:

IHSGW Forums administrators and moderators are denoted by bold red usernames. You will find them most often posting in the FORUM, sub-forums and threads, when there are significant issues occurring. Outside of that, IHSGW relies on the community of moderators and editors and other Expert users to bring significant issues to them which cannot be resolved by the community.

Thread Closure

If you ask a question that is clearly covered in the FAQ, your thread will likely be closed with only a "Please read the FAQ" response. If you feel this isn't the case, send a Private Message to the moderator who closed the thread to explain. Use the Image icon at the right side of the post under the Moderator's name.


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